FWCS Launches Third Year Of Homeless Assistance Program

Aug 7, 2017

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Parents and their kids may find it difficult to adapt to a new routine when the school year begins. For students who are homeless, it can be even more challenging.

2017 Kids Count Data says homelessness among students Indiana dropped for the first time since 2006 by about 1,300, but remains a problem. The current total of 16,143 homeless students is a far cry from the 2006 total of just under 5,000.

Fort Wayne Community Schools has taken donations of school supplies and other essentials throughout the calendar year to give those less fortunate an opportunity to start the school year on an even footing.

Wendy Hoering is FWCS’ Families in Transitions Coordinator. She says the program is a helpful way to make sure each student is at the same level for the first day of school.

“We gather all of these donations up, then invite FWCS students to come in and gather what they need to get for the beginning of the school year,” Hoering said.

Some of the items donated to FWCS for the program were school supplies and backpacks, new shoes and children’s books.  

According to Hoering, the number of students served by the program has grown over the last three years, from 500 in the first year and nearly 800 in 2016. This year, Hoering says “more than a thousand” students would be assisted.

FWCS’ first day of school is scheduled for August 15.