GOP Leaders Highlight Education in New State Budget

Feb 17, 2015

Indiana House Ways & Means Chair Tim Brown says education spending is a top priority in the GOP's new budget, released Monday.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

House Republican budget architect Tim Brown says his caucus’ proposed budget will include more money spent on education than ever before in state history.  The House GOP’s budget proposal was unveiled Monday.

House Republican leaders have said for months that education was their top priority this session and that they planned a significant increase in funding for K through 12 schools. 

To that end, House Ways and Means Chair Tim Brown says, under the House GOP budget, schools would get $469 million more over the next two years than they did in the last state budget.

“Six-point-eight-three billion the first year, nearly seven billion the second year – a new track record,” Brown said.

That increase includes more money in what’s called the foundation – the basic amount every school gets per student.  The House GOP budget raises the foundation by more than $500 per student over two years, a more than 11 percent increase. 

In line with the governor’s budget proposal, Brown says his caucus’ proposal will eliminate the cap on how much individual school vouchers are worth, but he says that should only cost a few million dollars and won’t erode money for public schools. 

Brown says he plans to vote on the proposed budget in committee this week.