Gregg Announces Second Run for Governor

Apr 30, 2015

John Gregg announced his candidacy for governor in a video posted to YouTube Thursday.
Credit Screencap / Gregg for Governor (YouTube)

Indiana’s 2016 gubernatorial race could be a repeat of 2012 after Democrat John Gregg Thursday announced he’ll run for governor again.  But Gregg might have competition for the nomination this time.

Gregg indicated back in 2013 he wouldn’t seek another shot at the governor’s office, but in the months since, rumors start circulating that the former House Speaker was changing his mind.  And in a video posted on his campaign website announcing his run, Gregg says it’s the fallout from the religious freedom law controversy – and Pence’s economic policies – that prompted his decision.

“We’ve all seen the damage done to Indiana by Mike Pence," Gregg says. "He’s managed to alienate the entire country with his extreme religious freedom law, a law that’s an embarrassment and wrong.”

But Gregg might have company in the Democratic primary.  State Superintendent Glenda Ritz says after the attacks this past session on her office and public education, she’s not taking any options off the table.

“The first priority is getting through this school year – we’re in the midst of testing, getting all that done," Ritz said. "But after that, I’m going to sit down with my family and determine what is best for the children and the families in Indiana.”

Pence says he’s been preparing to seek reelection over his two years in office.  But he says his focus now is on completing the work of the 2015 legislative session.