Henry Shares Details Of 2018 Budget Proposal

Sep 21, 2017

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

Mayor Tom Henry unveiled his 2018 budget proposal and highlighted several priorities Thursday morning.

The $165 million budget proposal includes a $30 million commitment to Fort Wayne’s infrastructure, as well as $3 million to the Parks Department.

The budget would increase funding to Fort Wayne’s Police and Fire Departments; the Police Department will be able to make 24 new hires, while the Fire Department can hire 22 more firefighters.

Henry acknowledged his budget still must be approved by Fort Wayne City Council, but he expressed confidence in his proposal ahead of the vote.

“We feel the budget that’s being presented to them is one that not only we can afford, but one that we owe the citizens of Fort Wayne,” said Henry.

The budget proposal is expected to be introduced to City Council on Tuesday, September 26. Council anticipates spacing discussions out through October, with a possible vote on October 24.