Henry Vetoes Right-to-Work Ordinance

Jul 18, 2014

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry.
Credit Courtesy / City of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry Friday vetoed a second labor-related ordinance in as many months– this one stating that city police could not require union membership.

The council previously overturned Henry’s veto on ending collective bargaining for the city’s non-public safety workers.

The right-to-work ordinance that would affect police passed along party lines by council last week. The measure was introduced by Republican Councilman Mitch Harper, who said it would help base employment on quality of work.

The Indiana General Assembly enacted similar legislation two years ago which does not include public-safety employees.

Mayor Henry said in a statement that he takes issue with the council’s decision because there was no discussion with the police unions ahead of the vote.

The council is expected to vote on the veto Tuesday, which takes six votes to overturn.