Hoosiers Unite for Marriage Coalition Launches

Jun 11, 2014

Hoosiers Unite for Marriage
Credit Hoosiers Unite for Marriage
Organizers of a new coalition supporting same sex marriage in Indiana say they’re out to change the hearts and minds of Hoosiers. The group is called Hoosiers Unite for Marriage. 

Kyle Megrath is the “marriage coordinator” for Hoosiers Unite for Marriage. He says that means he’s looking for real people affected by the state’s ban on same sex marriage – whether it’s couples who want to get married, clergy who support gay marriage and those on both sides of the political spectrum. 

Megrath says the coalition hopes to build on the momentum that already exists both nationally and locally. 

“And we know that’s because neighbors are talking to neighbors about them or someone they know that should have their relationship respected" says Megrath. "We know there are people in pews talking about it.” 

Hoosier lawmakers reset the constitutional amendment ratification process this year when they removed a sentence that would have banned civil unions from a proposed amendment known as HJR-3. 

Senate President Pro Tem David Long says the legislature’s next move will likely be dictated by action he expects from the U-S Supreme Court. 

“I think they can’t sit back and not rule on this – too many states’ issues are up in the air at this point" says Long. "We need a definitive ruling from the Court to give us guidance on this.” 

Megrath says his coalition isn’t pushing for legislative action at this point; they’re focused instead on changing opinions one at a time.