Indiana GOP Platform Language Not Yet Up For Discussion

Jun 6, 2014

There was no discussion Friday in an Indiana GOP committee meeting about language regarding same sex marriage as part of the party’s platform. That’s despite strong efforts from some delegates who want the party to formally address the issue.

The meeting in Fort Wayne was unexpectedly short.

As it stands, the 2014 Indiana Republican platform makes no mention of gay marriage.

In 2012, the 10-member resolutions committee accepted an amendment to the party platform. This year, amendments weren’t even allowed to be introduced.

Marion County delegate and committee member Mindy Westrick Brown says she’s concerned about that.

“It’s my understanding that the platform didn’t have consensus on the vote of the language in regards to family structure," says Westrick Brown, "and I would prefer to see the 2012 language that we passed as a Republican party.” 

Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellsperman chairs the resolutions committee. She says this meeting was not the forum to discuss platform amendments.

“We develop a platform document based on the input of over 400 Hoosiers across the state of Indiana," says Ellsperman, "and that’s what will be presented tomorrow at convention.”

Ellsperman also said the role of that meeting was to review the platform, although no substantive points within the document were discussed.  

The platform will move to the convention floor for a vote on Saturday.