Indiana Law Protects Vets From Employment Discrimination

Jul 3, 2014

Indiana Civil Rights Commission
Credit Indiana Civil Rights Commission

An Indiana law enacted this week aims to protect veterans from employment discrimination. 

According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, veterans in Indiana and across the U.S. face significantly higher unemployment rates that non-vets.

State Representative Martin Carbaugh of Fort Wayne co-authored the law, which makes it illegal for employers to refuse employment for veterans or members of the Indiana National Guard or reserve, based on their veteran status.

The Indiana Civil Rights Commission will enforce the law. Deputy Director for External Affairs of the Commission, Brad Meadows, says proving this type of discrimination can be difficult.

“That’s a challenge with any workplace discrimination that comes across throughout the state and comes across our desk," says Meadows. "It’s always a challenge to prove those things.”

Meadows says the bill will still help his agency provide employment protection, andact as a spring board to do more targeted outreach and education to service members.