Interview: AARP President Rob Romasco on Changes to Social Security

Oct 30, 2013

Members of congress began their latest budget talks Wednesday as they look for ways to cut spending and the national deficit.

AARP President Rob Romasco.
Credit Courtesy / AARP

One of the proposals Americans are likely to see is a change in the way the government measures inflation, moving from the long-standard consumer price index to something called chained CPI (the Washington Post explained the concept here).

There is some bipartisan support for the change, which would lower payments to some entitlement recipients. The Congressional Budget Office says  moving to chained CPI would save the government more than $100 million on Social Security over ten years.

But not everyone favors it, including AARP, the group that advocates for seniors.

WBOI’s Sean Bueter talked to AARP’s National President, Rob Romasco, to find out why.