John Walker Lindh trail wraps up

Aug 30, 2012

Court action in the case between American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh and the Terre Haute federal prison in which he is housed wrapped up Thursday.  

Lindh and other Muslim inmates at the Communications Management Unit in the Terre Haute prison filed suit against the government, seeking to pray in a group once a day.  Group prayer is currently restricted to once a week gatherings. 

Lindh says his religious rights are being infringed upon.  Prison officials say group prayer poses security concerns and the once-a-week allowances are enough. 

Trial proceedings, which began Monday in federal court in Indianapolis, concluded Thursday.  Both sides will now file post-trial briefs with the judge within the next couple of months.  This is in place of giving closing arguments.  Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson will issue her ruling some time after that.