Kids cast ballots as they learn about elections

Oct 29, 2012

More than 30,000 Hoosier students will cast votes for president and governor in their own elections in classrooms and schools statewide on November 6th. 

The Indiana Secretary of State, Department of Education and state Bar Association have teamed up to provide schools free learning materials and guest speakers with the Indiana Kids’ Election program. 

Indiana schools are required, by law, to teach about the election process at least two weeks prior to a general election.  The Indiana Kids’ Election program allows schools and teachers to utilize resources from the three participating state organizations. 

State Bar Association spokesperson Carissa Long says the program is more than just a way to get kids interested and active in the political process.

“We kind of hope that these kids go home and sort of spark a conversation with their parents and, in some cases, I think parents might feel a little responsibility to kind of get involved based on what their kids are doing at school.”

Secretary of State Connie Lawson has spoken to classrooms around Indiana.  She says it’s important for the program to stay away from partisan issues.

“We’re just talking about, you know, how the candidates get nominated to represent their party and then, once they are nominated what the process would be for them to be elected,” Lawson said.

Long says most participating schools and classrooms will do paper ballots on Election Day, though in some cases a voting machine has been provided for kids to use.