Lawmakers Hope Tighter Restrictions Will Combat Meth

Feb 25, 2015

The Indiana Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would require Hoosiers with drug related offenses to obtain a prescription before purchasing cold and allergy  medicine. The authors say it’s the next step in the fight to reduce methamphetamine  production. 

The bill calls for the state’s courts and police to update the electronic database  pharmacies use to track sales of over-the-counter of cold and allergy medication –  which are precursors in the production of meth.  

Under the bill, anyone convicted of felony drug crimes will need a prescription  before they can purchase pseudoephedrine or ephedrine.

Republican Senator Mike Young of Indianapolis says this will help law enforcement bottleneck the meth  business.   

“I’m not making meth, so why should I be burdened? But the people who have been and  have been convicted of it," says Young, "we need to cut them off from buying it."

The bill passed 47-3. It now moves to the House.