Middle Waves Artist Spotlight: Hip-Hop Artist R.O.E.

Sep 21, 2017

R.O.E. performing on the St. Mary's Stage at Middle Waves.
Credit Danielle Doepke / Danielle Doepke Photography

Chicago Hip-Hip artist, R.O.E. came to Fort Wayne last Saturday for Middle Waves Music Festival. In a performance at east Headwaters Park, he gave his cell phone number to audience members and all they had to do was text him #middlewaves to receive three of his tracks for free.

WBOI’s Ben Clemmer called R.O.E. after his performance and spoke to him about his influences, the philosophy behind his work and performance, and when Fort Wayne audiences can expect see him again soon.

Picture provided by Danielle Doepke http://danielledoepke.com/