Northeast Indiana Voters Head To The Polls

Nov 8, 2016

As people head to the polls for Election Day, WBOI’s Lisa Ryan and Zach Bernard visited a few polling locations to ask Northeast Indiana residents who they’re voting for, and why.

In downtown Fort Wayne, at Bakers Street Station, two supporters of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton say they’re voting for Clinton because of her experience.

“I think she would be best fit for the White House,” said Charles Ratcliff. “Her husband was the president, she has a lot of knowledge of what’s going on with the White House and other countries.”

Kim Johnson agrees that Clinton has more experience than Trump. Johnson says she planned to vote for Clinton from the day she announced her candidacy.

“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. I feel like we had the first black president, so it would be nice to have the first woman president,” Johnson said.

One undecided voter was researching the candidates in the parking lot. He didn’t want to speak on the record, but told me after he voted that he chose Republican candidate Donald Trump, along with many other Republican candidates down the ballot.

West of Fort Wayne, at the First Church of God in Columbia City, one voter says he’s been on the “Trump train” the whole election season.

Josh Church is a business owner, and he says Trump’s policy proposals serve his best interests as a business owner.

“People think that you’re rich and you have all this money, but in reality you have all these rules and taxes and fees, and every time you turn around there’s something new that comes out,” Church said.

Church also has a background in law enforcement, and he spoke highly of Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, for his support of law enforcement during his term as Indiana’s governor.