Parks Board Approves $5 Million Bond

Nov 11, 2016

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

Upon the proposal of Mayor Tom Henry’s 2017 budget, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation requested a $10 million bond from the City of Fort Wayne to aid in the completion of unfinished projects.

During negotiations with the city prior to passage of the mayor’s budget on October 25, the bond request was decreased to $5 million.

After public discussion, the changes were accepted by the Fort Wayne Parks Board Thursday morning. Projects that can be completed with the help of the bond include:

  • Franklin Park - $1,200,000 Total, $900,000 From Bond
  • MPCC Floor/Roof Repair - $640,000 Total, $440,000 From Bond
  • Foellinger Theatre - $1,080,000 Total, $880,000 From Bond
  • Conservatory Drain - $500,000 Total, $250,000 From Bond
  • Paving/Resurfacng - $1,400,000 Total, $1,000,000 From Bond
  • Resevoir Park Maintenance - $500,000 Total, $200,000 From Bond
  • Playground Resurfacing - $830,000, All From Bond

Parks and Recreation director Al Moll calls the approval a win-win for both the department and the city.

“We can still get 70 percent of those projects that we originally listed done,” said Moll. “And we’re completing some major commitments for the community. They’re not real sexy, but they have to be done.”

Moll noted that $7 million worth of projects can get done over the next year, with help of $2 million the department has in capital reserves and donations. The department expects to receive the funds by early March, following meetings with the bond counsel and underwriters.