Pence gives his first "State of the State" address

Jan 23, 2013

Fiscal restraint was the theme Tuesday night as Governor Mike Pence delivered his first State of the State address to the Indiana General Assembly.

Pence took to the podium with the goal of convincing legislators and Hoosiers across the state, that a 10-percent income tax cut is a fiscally responsible move.

Pence says because the state is bringing in more than it spends, it can leave some of that money in Hoosiers’ pockets.

“I believe the government budget should never grow faster than the family budget," Pence said. "Our budget is a full percentage point less than inflation. By holding the line on spending, Indiana can continue to stand out as a beacon of fiscal restraint that knows how to fund its priorities in a responsible way.”

Pence also called for a reduction of state regulations that he says stunt economic growth.

“That's why on day one of our administration, I signed a moratorium on any new regulations to ensure that Indiana is not burdening Hoosier employers with unnecessary red tape,” Pence said.

The governor also reached out to military families, calling for at least 3% of all state contracts awarded to go to veteran-owned businesses.

On education, he said he will work with State Superintendent Glenda Ritz to give teachers more freedom in the classroom.

House Minority Leader, Democrat Scott Pelath however, says Hoosiers are not ready to expand some of the education proposals started during the previous administration that Pence wants to expand.

“People in Indiana just sent a message with the election of Democrat Glenda Ritz," Pelath said, "that they want the state to go slow in enacting further changes.”