Pence reacts to Health Care Act

Aug 21, 2012

Governor Daniels requested input last month from all three gubernatorial candidates on two key decisions the state must make in the next few months regarding implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  One is a choice between establishing a state- or federally-run health care exchange, a kind of marketplace for insurers and consumers.  The other is determining the state’s essential health benefits package, which sets a minimum level of coverage insurers must offer.  Pence says, with so much uncertainty surrounding the measure, he advises against setting up a state-run health care exchange.  And the sixth district congressman recommends an essential health benefits package that includes no more than what is required by Indiana law…and says the package should not include mandated abortion coverage.  Democratic candidate John Gregg’s campaign says Gregg will meet with Daniels in the coming weeks.  Libertarian candidate Rupert Boneham’s campaign could not be reached for comment.