Proposal Would Expand In-State Sales Limit for Craft Brewers

Jan 19, 2015

Three Floyds is one of two Hoosier breweries nearing the limit for in-state sales.
Credit Courtesy / Three Floyds

Indiana’s craft breweries are urging the legislature to expand the amount of beer they can make each year to sell in the state.

Indiana law regulates how much beer Indiana’s small brewers can make each year and sell in-state.  The current limit is 30,000 barrels.  Most businesses aren’t even close to that. 

But Sun King Brewery out of Indianapolis and Munster’s 3 Floyds Brewing Company are both near that mark. 

Sun King co-founder Dave Colt says if the legislature doesn’t raise the ceiling, Sun King will be forced to make difficult decisions.

“Then we either have to stop growing or go past that, which means we have to give up our right to self-distribute and close down our tasting room at the same time.”

Indianapolis Republican Senator Jim Merritt has a bill raising the limit to 90,000 barrels. 

While he says he doesn’t think it will pass at that high a level, he’s confident lawmakers will recognize the significant economic impact of craft breweries and enact a change to help the industry. 

The Brewers Guild of Indiana says craft breweries employ more than 2,000 Hoosiers.