Protesters cited at state forest

Jan 13, 2018



Credit Zach Herndon

State officials say eight people were issued warnings for criminal trespassing at Yellowwood State Forest Thursday.

According to a statement from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, conservation officers issued written citations to the unnamed individuals. The forest is public property, but the statement says the area was closed to the public for an ongoing timber harvest.

The DNR Division of Forestry sold 1,700 trees on the tract of land in Yellowwood trough a sealed bid to Hamilton Logging in November. While the sale sparked protests from the community, the company moved forward with the project.

The Indiana Forest Alliance, which has organized much of the protests, says a “heavy police presence” responded to the trespassers on Orcutt Rd. IFA representative Anne Laker says they do not know the identities of the protesters and the actions are not affiliated with the organization.

The nature of the protest is unclear. The DNR says the situation ended after the written warnings were issued.