Republicans Win Big In Northeast Indiana

Nov 9, 2016

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

Republicans had many wins in Northeast Indiana last night.

In a celebratory watch party at Hotel Fort Wayne, Allen County GOP chairman Steve Shine was enthused by the outcome of the local vote.

“The outcome for the Republicans in Allen County and statewide could not be better," said Shine. "We literally had a clean sweep of all of the elections from president down to county council.”

In addition to the presidency and county council seats, Republicans won the governor’s race, congressional races and state superintendent’s battle among Allen County voters.

On the other end, Allen County Democratic chairman Jack Morris called the results of the election “disappointing,” and has concerns over such a large Republican majority.

“There’s no check and balance, there’s not the good debate, you don’t explore issues, you don’t learn unintended consequences of bills because they’re not adequately debated,” said Morris.

Morris said it’s not a matter of personal disappointment, rather caring for the community as a whole. He said low turnout could be a key reason for the Republican sweeps.