Short Election Day Lines Possible Result Of Early Voting

Nov 9, 2016


Turnout for the 2016 General Election is expected to meet or set records in the Hoosier State.

Andy Downs from the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics says the large number of early voters in Indiana this year made for shorter wait times for Election Day voters.

“What early voting does is take the pressure off Election Day voting; in other words, it shortens the lines," said Downs. "I do think though, given the volume we saw in early voting, we can expect pretty good turnout overall.”

As far as overall turnout, Downs says the Election Board is expecting around 70 percent. He says that goal might be lofty, but still expects a good overall turnout.

“I think 70 percent might be a bit of a stretch, but if we make it into the 60s, I think it could be a pretty good day," he said. "If we make it to the upper 50s, I think for some that would be disappointing.”

Voter turnout in 2012 was about 59 percent. For the past decade Indiana’s turnout has been below the national average.