Skillman supports Mourdock ad

Sep 4, 2012

Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman is campaigning for GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock in a commercial airing around the state.  Skillman highlights Mourdock’s ability to work with both sides of the aisle, something Mourdock’s opponents say goes against his record.

In the 30 second ad, Skillman talks about Mourdock’s experience working with she and Governor Mitch Daniels.  She refers to the state treasurer a “great teammate” who will work with Republicans and Democrats in Washington. 

Deputy campaign manager Brose McVey says Mourdock has a long history of garnering wide-spread support.

"He’ll work with anybody along a path consistent with Hoosier values," McVey said. 

But Democratic Senate candidate Joe Donnelly’s campaign says Mourdock’s own statements contradict that, pointing to comments in which Mourdock said his idea of bipartisanship was for Democrats to do what Republicans wanted. 

Skillman said she doesn’t know of any elected official who doesn’t want the other side to come over to their way of thinking.

“As I recall, that statement he made was the morning after an election and, you know, with time might need a little more refinement,” Skillman said.

And Skillman points out that Mourdock was an Evansville county commissioner in an area predominantly Democrat.