Snow Possible In Northeast Indiana Saturday

Nov 20, 2015

Credit Public Domain

While it may not officially be winter, that won’t stop winter weather from possibly coming to Northeast Indiana over the weekend.

Saturday’s forecast calls for a high of 39 degrees with a 90 percent chance of precipitation in the afternoon, and there’s a chance Northeast Indiana will see its first snowfall of the season.

Nichole Hacha-Thomas of the Indiana Department of Transportation says they’re ready for any problems on the roads.

“We are ready, we are prepared, and we will call our drivers out at just the right time so that we can get the roads treated in a way that will keep them safe and open for all of the drivers,” she said.

The current forecast isn’t calling for more than one to three inches of snow this weekend, but Hacha-Thomas says it doesn’t hurt for INDOT to be too prepared. New plows and drivers have been added to this year’s fleet, and currently INDOT has 93,000 tons of salt on hand.

Hacha-Thomas urges drivers to handle the roads with care if it does snow.

“One of the main reasons that crashes happen in snow and ice is because drivers are driving too fast," she said. "So please slow down, please give our plows room to work and do what they need to do.”

She says answers to any questions about safety or conditions can be found on INDOT’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Drivers can also view road conditions online at