State Board of Education Approves New Standards

Apr 29, 2014

The State Board of Education approved new academic standards Monday  to replace the Common Core in Indiana schools. Vocal opposition to the proposed standards  wasn’t enough to deter board members. 

The crowd cheered as State Board member Andrea Neal cast the lone no vote in opposition to proposed math and English language standards.

About 20 people spoke against the proposed standards before the vote. But state superintendent Glenda Ritz says she’s confident the standards the board  approved Monday are right for Indiana schools. The next step, she says, is getting  information to classroom teachers. 

“So we’ll begin getting information out to them early this summer, and they’ve already  got the standards, they’re already looking at things," Ritz says. "Teachers will go home and start  to think about lessons that will align with them.”

Board member Tony Walker says he thinks the state has spent too much time  focusing on standards alone and needs to encourage parents and teachers to go  above and beyond standard requirements.  

“The standards are a floor for achievement, not a ceiling," Walker says. "This is the minimum  requirements that we’re saying every student should be able to do when they graduate  when they graduate from an Indiana school.” 

The state still needs to pick a test to assess the new standards.