State Committee Will Investigate ISTEP+ Issues

May 24, 2013

State legislative leaders say they’re looking for answers behind recent problems with ISTEP testing that disrupted the exams of thousands of Hoosier students, and they’re forming a study committee to investigate.

The Legislative Council, which sets the agenda for study committees each year, added ISTEP to the list of topics after concerns were raised about the validity of recently-completed exams that were interrupted during the first two testing days. 

Senate President Pro Tem David Long says the study committee will invite representatives of testing company CTB/McGraw Hill, state Superintendent Glenda Ritz and school superintendents from around the state.

“We want answers as to why this happened, how it could have happened, what they’re doing to fix it most importantly, and we also want to find out whether this tainted the test or not,” Long said.

Long says using an independent third party to validate the tests is a possibility.

“That’s up to the Superintendent of Public Schools at this time to make that call and I think we’ll support what her decision is,” Long said, “but in the meantime, we’re going forward to make sure there’s a very public vetting of this issue which otherwise won’t occur.”

Long says the meeting will take place as early as possible in June after the test results are released.