Sunny Schick Camera Shop Closes After Generations of Customers

Jul 21, 2017


A giant camera covers the front side of the store located downtown.
Credit Karli VanCleave

The Sunny Schick Camera Shop is closing its doors after 90 years of business.

My family and I have been customers at The Sunny Schick Camera Shop for much of our lives, and I visit during a slow day to talk to the store’s final owner, Bill Christie. He says most of all, he treasures his relationship with the many generations of customers who visit the store.


Original owner Sunny Schick opened the camera shop in 1926 in his father’s doctor’s office, says Christie. As the majority owner, Christie operated the business for 37 years and says the photography business is shrinking.

“Rather than wait until the inevitable day when The Sunny Schick would no longer be relevant, I chose to close it on my terms,” Christie said. “I’m going out by my choice.”


Store owner, Bill Christie stands next to one of the signs outside of his shop.
Credit Karli VanCleave

Working at the camera shop full time, Christie says he has reached a point in his life where he needs to take a break.

"Before I get so old I can't appreciate it, I want to have Saturdays off,” he said. “I want to make up for 37 years of not having Saturdays off.”

Christie says he thanks the people who contributed throughout the years.

“There's been literally generations of owners here and there's been literally generations of customers as well,” Christie said.

The Sunny Schick Camera Shop’s going out of business sale will last until the end of July.