Tallian Announces Bid for Governor

May 12, 2015

Indiana Sen. Karen Tallian announced her bid for the Democratic nomination for governor Tuesday.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Unlike the 2012 campaign, John Gregg won’t have an uncontested path to the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.  State Senator Karen Tallian Tuesday announced her candidacy for governor.

A ten-year veteran of the Indiana Senate, Karen Tallian says she’s been considering a gubernatorial run for two years.  The Northwest Indiana attorney says the Statehouse has been under one-party control for too long.

“And I, like, looked around at our party and said, ‘Who’s going to do this?’” Tallian said. “Somebody has to speak for the progressive point of view.”

Tallian will square off in the primary against the candidate she supported for governor in 2012, former House Speaker John Gregg. 

She says she won’t say anything negative about the southern Indiana Democrat, but notes that as a single mother from a major urban area, she and Gregg are very different people.

"Surely my views on choice and on women’s healthcare and access to healthcare have got to be different from John’s,”

Tallian rejected the notion that such a progressive candidate can’t win in such a conservative state, saying Indiana isn’t as “red” as the legislature makes it seem.