Tony Bennett explains school ratings

Oct 31, 2012

State education officials announced Wednesday morning fewer Indiana schools received the state’s highest letter grade rating in 2012.  But three out of five schools still received an A or a B.  State superintendent Tony Bennett unveiled the letter grades and said the grades are “positive news” overall for Indiana schools. 

This year is the first time state officials have calculating A-to-F school ratings using their new growth model.  The model places greater weight on individual students’ test score performance, rather than a school’s overall passing rate on statewide tests.

Many critics, including Bennett’s electoral opponent Glenda Ritz, have raised questions about the new model’s validity. But Bennett told the State Board of Education today schools are becoming more comfortable using data to inform their best practices.

"I think the most unfair thing we would do is if we don't focus our efforts to make sure that C schools become B's and we move those D's and F's up," Bennnett said. "That would be unfair to kids."

Nearly 150 Indiana schools received an ‘F’ this year which is up from 112 last year.  You can find a complete list of statewide letter grades at