An Update on Car Talk

Nov 6, 2014

Credit NPR

By now, you likely have heard the news that Car Talk co-host, Tom Magliozzi, passed away earlier this week due to complications of Alzheimer's Disease.  Tom was one of the biggest and brightest personalities in public radio, and this news is very difficult for the public radio family and the millions of Car Talk listeners to receive. 

This may leave some of you wondering what this means for the future of the show.  Car Talk will absolutely continue to be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10am on WBOI, and NPR will continue to produce and distribute the show as long as there is audience interest.  Please know that is has been the wish of both Ray and Tom, as well as those of the  Magliozzi family, that the program continue as a way to honor Tom's legacy.  After this weekend, the show will be rebranded as The Best of Car Talk, and feature the very best material from the over 25 years of Car Talk episodes.  

"Car Talk has the highest average listening of our entire 89.1 WBOI program schedule and remains one of the most powerful programs in public radio," said Peter Dominowski, President and General Manager.  "Click and Clack's humor and wisdom never get old, and new audiences will continue to discover them.  The Best of Car Talk will have a place on the 89.1 WBOI schedule for as long as our community continues to listen." 

We hope you can tune in this Saturday and Sunday to hear this week's episode, which will be a tribute to Tom and hosted by his brother and co-host Ray.  You are also welcome to visit the Car Talk website to share your thoughts and memories with other listeners.

In lieu of flowers, the Magliozzi family has requested that friends and listeners make a donation to their favorite public radio station in Tom's memory.  

If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact us.