Warsaw Enterprise Out To End Africa's Water Poverty Through Handcrafted Artwork

Feb 14, 2018

Nine years ago, Warsaw resident, Luke Wright took a dream to support clean water projects in Africa, mixed it with a simple, clay bracelet design, and his business, MudLOVE, was born.

Through a partnership with Water for Good, every product sold through the company provides one week of clean water for someone in need of it in the Central African Republic. Here's Luke experiencing the benefits of MudLOVE's donations firsthand. 

Luke Wright, on a visit to a Water for Good community, in the South African Republic, helping villagers pump their day's water supply.
Credit Courtesy/MudLOVE

For a look at the process, and the inspiration each handcrafted bracelet carries with it, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Wright into the studio to discuss how the enterprise has taken shape, and lives up to a name that, by design, "starts with mud...and ends with love."

You can learn more about MudLOVE and the Water for Good project at its website.