WBOI Announces Expanded News And Information And Local Music Schedule

Jun 17, 2013

WBOI's new schedule beginning July 1st.

89.1 WBOI will make several modifications to its programming beginning Monday, July 1. A full schedule can be downloaded below. Highlights include:

  • NPR will cease production of Talk of the Nation as of June 27. A news magazine co-produced by NPR and WBUR/Boston, Here and Now, will be heard weekdays from 12 Noon until 2pm. This is the replacement program for Talk of the Nation.
  • In-depth reporting produced by the WBOI newsroom will be heard every day during the station's most listened-to hours.
  • The BBC Newshour moves to 3-4pm weekdays, and BBC News will be heard every evening beginning at 11pm.
  • Midday Matters will cease production as a daily program, but WBOI will produce 6-12 special call-in programs each year featuring issues and newsmakers vital to Northeast Indiana.
  • Thought-provoking programs, including This American Life and TED Radio Hour will be heard weekday evenings from 7-8pm.
  • Diverse music on WBOI evenings and weekends will include virtually 100% of content produced in Ft. Wayne and Indiana.
  • RadioLab and Science Friday move to Saturday afternoons, 12 Noon-3pm - 89.1 WBOI's Sci-Tech Saturday Afternoon Matinee.

"89.1 WBOI continually seeks ways to better serve our community," said Peter Dominowski, President and General Manager. "While we realize that NPR's cancellation of Talk of the Nation will disappoint many listeners, it also allows us to provide new programming to serve the communities of Northeast Indiana with the top-quality public radio service they expect and deserve."

WBOI News Director Sean Bueter said, "While we know that Midday Matters had a strong following, the new program schedule gives us the flexibility to provide more 'driveway moments' to our listeners. It is our goal to cover Northeast Indiana news with the same level of quality and consistency as NPR covers the nation and the world."

For additional information contact: Peter Dominowski, 89.1 WBOI President & General Manager at 918-1099, or gmpd@nipr.fm.

Download the 89.1 WBOI Schedule (as of July 1 2013)

Note: The schedule displayed above does not have the program Gospel Flight on Sundays from 4AM until 8AM. This is an error; Gospel Flight is still on our schedule.