WBOI Presents "Issues & Ales: Riverfront Development"

Apr 9, 2015

Dan Wire, Pam Holocher and Greg Lake (left to right) joined WBOI's Virginia Alvino (far right) on stage at "Issues & Ales" in March to talk riverfront development.
Credit Marvin Mikesell / For WBOI News

The confluence of the three rivers around which Fort Wayne was founded have been pivotal to the success of the city since its founding.

But after decades in which the riverfronts were often taken for granted, there's new life -- and new momentum -- toward developing those spaces, particularly in Downtown Fort Wayne.

On March 26th, WBOI held the latest in its popular "Issues & Ales" series at The Phoenix. The events are meant to bring community leaders and listeners together for a relaxed discussion over dinner and drinks.

The audience packed the house for the second hour of discussion, focused around our regional river systems and riverfront development in Fort Wayne.

WBOI's Virginia Alvino moderated the discussion, featuring Dan Wire from the Tri-State Watershed Alliance; Greg Lake from the Allen County Soil and Water Conservation District; and Pam Holocher with the City of Fort Wayne.