WBOI Presents: October News Roundup

Nov 1, 2017

Every month, the news team at 89.1 WBOI covers events in northeast Indiana and around the state. After the positive response we got last month, we put together another news roundup for the month of October. Enjoy!

Show Intro


Part One

An Environmental Update (00:40), Katy Anderson interviews Shankar Vedantam (06:24), Ben Clemmer and Katy Anderson discuss updated weekend programming (11:28).

Part Two

A preview for Issues & Ales (00:16), Julia Meek's conversation with Addison Agen (05:36), Araceli Gomez-Aldana takes a look at local women's resources (17:18).

Addison Agen's knockout round performance. 

Part Three

Zach Bernard discusses the passing of the city budget and baseball (00:14), Julia Meek and Rob Martinez preview the upcoming live broadcast of Meet the Music (3:51).

Our theme music is by Mark Waldick. Additional Music was provided by Addison Agen and McKayla Nevers.