Wunderkammer Readies a "Pop-Up Shop with Purpose"

Jan 23, 2015

This weekend's pop-up shop at Wunderkammer Company provides a casual space for artists and art lovers, says curator Dan Swartz.
Credit Dan Swartz / Wunderkammer Company

If you're among those suffering from cabin fever this winter, a Fort Wayne arts group may have the cure.

This weekend, Fort Wayne's Wunderkammer Company is running a unique pop-up shop, partnering with Three River Festival's Art in the Park to bring a little activity to the dead of winter.

Wunderkammer's "Art in the Park Preview" is a pop-up shop with purpose, according to curator, Dan Swartz. This year, the event is adopting a "summer art fair" format that allows attendees to see a wider variety of artists and mediums.

Also expanding this year are the shop hours, turning it into a full two-day affair.

And Art in the Park is encouraging audience engagement with a People's Choice Award that will net one participating artist a placing and a free booth fee in this summer's Three Rivers Festival Art in the Park show.

Swartz is confident that this new twist will be a hit.

"People are just ready to see each other, and be seen, and have fun at this time of year," Swartz says, "and I like the idea of an art fair as just being a casual way to enjoy and patronize the arts without pretense."

Admission is free, and you can find out more on their Facebook page.

Event Information:

Art in the Park Preview Pop-up Shop
@Wunderkammer Company
3402 Fairfield Avenue, Fort Wayne
Saturday, January 24th & Sunday, January 25th
11:oo a.m. to 5:00 p.m.