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Julia Meek-Host of Folktales
Credit Dave West

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Week of 6/10 & 6/14: Folktale of Weddings

WBOI's Folktale of Weddings
Credit Julia Meek

According to American author, Gene Perret, "We have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world--it's called love." Where that leads is what this Folktale is all about, and we're taking a celebratory tour of musical customs and wise words for the occasion around the musical globe--from our own heartlands, through Europe and on to Asia and Africa.

Featured artists include the Acousticats, May Erlewine, Barry Phillips, Trio Mediaeval, Temaeva, Harry Belafonte, Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra, the Bergamot and more.

Here's hoping you'll say 'I do' to the Folktale of Weddings!

Week of 6/17 & 6/21: Folktale of Fatherhood

WBOI's Folktales of Fatherhood
Credit Julia Meek

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich." (M*A*S*H*, Colonel Potter) 

We're seconding that notion w/this week's Folktales--and taking you on a tour of 'good dadditudes' around the globe.

We'll be sharing wise words and a wealth of music customs from the Americas, Europe, Africa and hopping a few musical islands--featuring music by David Seitz, Trapezoid, Simon & Garfunkle, William Gutierrez, Terra Folk, Obo Addy and more.

So have a great Father Day celebration and be sure to join us!

Week of 6/24 & 6/28: Folktale of Time

WBOI's Folktale of Time
Credit Julia Meek

Whether or not it's on your side, time is, well, a timely issue, world round, and this week's episode of Folktales is crossing International Time Zones and Datelines by the minute, just to prove it. It's a self-winding tour, full of music and wise words on the topic, that takes us through the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond.

Our featured artists include Joe Weed, The Goat's Beards, Eric Bibb, 2CELLOS, Finjan, Burning Sky and more.

So if you, like Dr. Seuss, tend to wonder "How did it get so late so soon?--find out this week, on the Folktale of Time.