The Three Rivers

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The confluence of rivers in Fort Wayne is at a turning point. The riverfront is poised for new commercial, residential, and public developments. The quality of the water is being addressed in a watershed management plan that is a cross-sector call to action. The community is engaging with the rivers in new ways, and has aspirations for their future.

This series examines the changing nature of our relationship with the rivers. 

SWA/ City of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne’s riverfront consultant has completed what they call a “grand vision” for the city’s riverfront development. The designs were revealed to the public Wednesday at the Grand Wayne Center. 

SWA Group held public meetings and collected citizen input throughout 2014 to determine what people in Fort Wayne want from riverfront development.

SWA’s final recommendations include everything from adventure parks and zip lining courses, to housing and cultural attractions. These are just ideas that the City and potential developers could draw from.

Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

The city of Fort Wayne was established along the confluence of three rivers – waterflows that eventually make their ways over to Ohio and into the Great Lakes. Soil, sediment, runoff from farms, and debris all flush into the water, but here in Fort Wayne, so does a billion gallons of raw sewage each year.

City Utilities is in the process of fixing that, in response to a federal mandate.