The Weekly Experiment

Every Saturday at 2pm during Science Friday, WBOI brings you The Weekly Experiment, a science show that informs and entertains. Martin Fisher from Science Central takes on all subjects, from sound to sharks, temperature to tornadoes, providing interesting information and suggesting experiments that you can perform at home.

This week on the Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central talks about octopi.  What are they, and what are their defense mechanisms? 

On this week's episode of the Weekly Experiment, we learn about the Coriolis effect.  Martin Fisher from Science Central explains what it is and what we use it for. 

How are cyclones formed? Just what are the conditions that create a hurricane? Martin Fisher of Science Central provides a detailed overview of one of nature's most powerful weather events.

Episode 161 - Caves

Aug 8, 2014

Episode 157 - Tea

Jul 12, 2014