122nd Fighter Wing

The commander of a Northeast Indiana Air National Guard unit was cleared of any legal wrongdoing Wednesday after he was anonymously accused of misconduct and misspending more than $230,000.

In April, an anonymous tip to a Fort Wayne media outlet accused 122nd Fighter Wing Commander Col. David Augustine of eleven separate instances of misconduct or misappropriation of funds.

Those accusations included improperly spending $100,000 on speech classes for Guard members and using an A-10 Thunderbolt as a personal taxi.

F-16 Fighting Falcons are returning to the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne, a move officials say is good news for the future of the base. The announcement was made by Colonel David Augustine Tuesday.

The Pentagon’s proposed 2015 budget trades-in the Air National Guard base’s A-10 Thunderbolts for the more versatile F-16.

This is the first change in aircraft at the base since 2010.

Master Sergeant Darin Hubble of the 122nd Fighter Wing says the return to the F-16 ensures the viability of the base, and keeps jobs in the local economy.