City Utilities

The City of Fort Wayne has begun investing revenue from its recent income tax increase to a sidewalk improvement project.

Indiana Michigan Power

Indiana Michigan Power recently announced plans for its third rate hike in 25 years. WBOI’s Ben Clemmer reports it’s part of I&M’s Building the Future proposal, which seeks to raise $263 million.

The proposed rate increase would cost consumers about $25 a month. I&M spokesperson Tracey Warner says the money would go towards infrastructure updates that are overdue.

“The energy grid is aging and I&M for example we have about 350,000 poles and about fifteen percent of those are 60 years or older.”

Brick Sewers And Bricklayers Celebrate 150 Years

Oct 14, 2015
Fort Wayne City Utilities

On Wednesday, city officials gathered for the 150th anniversary of the city's first brick sewer. For many, the milestone is more than just a celebration of sewers.