Fort Wayne Police Department

Fort Wayne City Leaders updated the community on 2014’s public safety stats Thursday.

Mayor Tom Henry joined law enforcement officials to announce an overall reduction in crime of more than 14 percent last year. That includes a more than 60 percent drop in homicides. Robberies and burglaries were also down.

But the numbers weren’t down across the board – Fort Wayne saw an increase in rapes and arsons in 2014.

Virginia Alvino

The City of Fort Wayne may soon be getting a new Director of Public Safety. Mayor Tom Henry announced Tuesday that current Police Chief Rusty York is his for the new position. The job is being reinstated in part as a response to the near record number of murders the city’s seen this year.

Henry explains that York will oversee the both the Fort Wayne Police and Fire Departments. He’ll also aid collaboration between other public safety agencies, Fort Wayne Community Schools, and faith-based communities.

Virginia Alvino

Fort Wayne City Council members dedicated their entire session Tuesday to discussing a new anti-violence plan called "Bridges to a Better Community."                                      

Members of the Fort Wayne Urban League created it in response to the near record number of killings in the city this year.

The plan a large amount of data on the disparity between races when it comes to poverty, education, and crime, and specific recommendations on how to reduce violence.