Election 2016

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This year, early voting has been up across the country. WBOI’s Zach Bernard and Lisa Ryan visited early voting locations in Northeast Indiana to see if they’re experiencing a similar trend.

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Nineteen people are running for school board positions across Allen County this year, and they’re the only candidates who won’t have their party affiliation listed by their names.


Hoosiers will find a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November for the first time in six years.

Amending Indiana’s constitution is notoriously difficult. This amendment would protect a citizen’s right to hunt and fish, but it has some people wondering what it will actually do.

Public Question number 1 asks voters to “forever preserve” a Hoosier’s right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.

Todd Young Talks Social Security, Obamacare

Nov 1, 2016


The race for Indiana’s open U.S. Senate seat is coming down to the wire as Election Day approaches. Republican candidate Todd Young sat down with Indiana Public Broadcasting to discuss some of the race’s key issues.

BRANDON SMITH: What in your mind should be the most important issue in this race?

Courtesy/U.S. Sen. Dan Coats

Retiring U.S. Senator Dan Coats visited the WBOI studios to discuss state and national politics and his plans for the future.

Lauren Chapman

The candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction held their first and only debate in Fort Wayne Monday. 

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"Is there any kind of donation or contribution?" she says.

"Nope, we're just out getting the word out," says Russell.

Douglas says she supports Hillary Clinton, and she's seen a lot of campaign ads attacking Evan Bayh, but doesn't know much else about him. She studies the flyers they give her carefully.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended running mate Donald Trump during Tuesday’s vice presidential debate against Democratic Senator Tim Kaine. But professor Mike Wolf says it’s unlikely very many undecided voters were swayed by his performance. 

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Governor Mike Pence paid a visit to Fort Wayne Friday morning at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

Brandon Smith

In contrast to the Indiana Republican convention, there was no suspense or drama as Hoosier Democrats officially chose their nominees for statewide offices.