Fort Wayne Fire Department

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Metronomes help musicians keep time. But they can also help save lives. Fort Wayne firefighters will now use metronomes when giving CPR.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

The Fort Wayne Fire Department announced Monday it will hire new firefighters with a $1.4 million grant. The firefighters will fill positions that have been vacant.

At a minimum, there needs to be four firefighters per truck when responding to an emergency.

But when some firefighters retired in recent years, their positions remained empty, meaning others had to work extra hours.

Captain Tom Helmkamp says this overtime means long hours spent away from his family.

Downtown Fire Ravages Multiple Buildings

Aug 20, 2013
Sean Bueter / Northeast Indiana Public Radio

Towers of black and gray smoke billowed over the eastern edge of downtown Fort Wayne Monday as a massive warehouse fire kept first responders busy into the night.