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A lot has been made recently of the HIV cases in southeastern Indiana. Governor Mike Pence responded to the crisis by allowing the use of a needle exchange program in that part of Indiana. He then extended the needle exchange program because it appeared to be working.

Number of HIV Cases in Scott County Grows to 153

May 13, 2015
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Scott County is the epicenter of an ongoing HIV outbreak. Health officials have tracked down 153 new HIV cases just since December, the majority of which have been caused by injection drug use.

To combat the outbreak, Gov. Mike Pence authorized a temporary needle exchange in the county. Scott County officials are taking steps to legalize the exchange long-term.

Under new legislation passed just a couple weeks ago, any county in the state can go through a formal process to legalize exchanges. And Scott County has already gotten the ball rolling.

Remembering Kokomo's Ryan White 25 Years On

Apr 8, 2015
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Wednesday marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Kokomo teenager Ryan White. After contracting HIV five years earlier via a blood transfusion, the 18-year-old died in Indianapolis.

In the 1980s, HIV was still a relatively new disease to most people. Those who contracted it were often highly stigmatized, in part because of the disease’s association with gay men.

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After 30 years of operation in Fort Wayne, the AIDS Task Force announced Wednesday it’s changing its name and sharpening its focus.

The change comes after AIDS Task Force staff worked for a year to reexamine the appropriateness of its image. After research that included focus groups, client interviews and additional community input, the group has picked a new name: the Positive Resource Center.