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One week from returning to Washington D.C., Indiana’s third district representative Jim Banks met with constituents in Fort Wayne for a “coffee with your congressman”event Thursday evening.

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Legislators are back in their districts during the House’s August recess. Indiana’s third district representative Jim Banks used that time to hold a town hall meeting in Auburn Tuesday afternoon.

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Indiana's infant mortality rate is higher than the national average, and parts of Allen County are home to the worst rates in the state. 

Fort Wayne City Council President Russ Jehl was named the deputy district director for newly elected Congressman Jim Banks. Jehl will stay in Fort Wayne, and he says his role will be to talk to the Republican congressman’s constituents in Indiana’s third district.

“That will mean a lot of outreach,” Jehl said. “Everything from walking factories to walking farms.”

Jehl was Banks’ political director during his congressional campaign. Jehl will continue serving as a city council member and president.

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State Sen. Jim Banks won the Republican nomination for Indiana’s third congressional district. The district covers a conservative area in Northeastern Indiana, giving Republicans a clear advantage.

Banks Wins 3rd District GOP Primary

May 4, 2016
Nick Janzen | IPB

State Senator Jim Banks won a closely contested GOP primary for Indiana’s Third U.S. Congressional District. Banks beat out five other republicans, including prominent Fort Wayne businessman Kip Tom and fellow state senator Liz Brown.

May’s primary election will overshadow the November's general election in Indiana’s third district. “Whoever wins the republican nomination is going to be the next congressperson,” said Allen County GOP Chairman Steve Shine. The nine county district is home to the largest number of registered Republicans in Indiana. 

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Columbia City Republican Senator Jim Banks announced Tuesday he’s running for congress in Indiana’s third district. The seat is being vacated by Marlin Stutzman, who’s stepping down to run for U-S Senate. 

Banks asked his supporters to help send him to Washington just three weeks after he returned home from an eight-month mission to Afghanistan.

The Navy Reserve officer was deployed last September. His wife Amanda took his place in the General Assembly for the 2015 session.

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State Senator Jim Banks, a Naval Reserve officer, is being deployed to Afghanistan this fall and will miss the entire 2015 legislative session.

Banks will use a provision in state law to take a temporary leave from his seat rather than resign, the first time a state lawmaker has used that provision.