Jim Banks

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One of the main talking points of third district Republican representative Jim Banks’ town hall in Fort Wayne last week focused on improving services for veterans who experience homelessness. Now, Banks is hoping to address these concerns with new legislation.

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Northeast Indiana veterans and residents shared their worries over the new federal tax overhaul during Jim Banks’ town hall at Fort Wayne’s VFW Post 857 Tuesday.

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Third district congressional Republican representative Jim Banks hosted a rare town hall meeting in Fort Wayne at VFW Post 857 Tuesday night.

Abraham Schwab

The point of insurance is to ensure that individuals who face a catastrophic event with high costs do not end up bankrupt and destitute. Leading up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, our health insurance system was perverse: medical bills led to more than half of all bankruptcies in the US. And of those medical bill bankruptcies, more than half had insurance when they declared bankruptcy. Having health insurance did not protect them from ending up bankrupt as a result health care costs.


One week from returning to Washington D.C., Indiana’s third district representative Jim Banks met with constituents in Fort Wayne for a “coffee with your congressman”event Thursday evening.