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Fort Wayne was once home to several small breweries, but they dwindled away until only one was left. Now, as craft beer becomes increasingly popular nationwide, more microbreweries are popping up in the area.

Bill Would Allow Microbreweries to Increase Production

Feb 25, 2015

The Indiana Senate Tuesday passed a bill that would allow Indiana microbreweries to manufacture more alcohol per year. 

Republican Senator Ron Alting says the amended legislation is the result of a  compromise between alcohol wholesalers and microbreweries. 

The bill allows small  breweries to increase their annual production limit from 30,000 barrels per year to  90,000.  

The other half of the bill requires breweries distribute that alcohol through a  wholesaler if their production exceeds 30,000 barrels.

Courtesy / Three Floyds

Indiana’s craft breweries are urging the legislature to expand the amount of beer they can make each year to sell in the state.

Indiana law regulates how much beer Indiana’s small brewers can make each year and sell in-state.  The current limit is 30,000 barrels.  Most businesses aren’t even close to that. 

But Sun King Brewery out of Indianapolis and Munster’s 3 Floyds Brewing Company are both near that mark. 

Sun King co-founder Dave Colt says if the legislature doesn’t raise the ceiling, Sun King will be forced to make difficult decisions.

The Indiana legislature is considering a bill that would allow microbreweries to sell beer at Indiana farmer’s markets. The bill proposes that Indiana microbreweries would be able to sell beer for off-site consumption at local farmer’s markets.

Under the bill, tastings would not be allowed. Republican State Senator Ron Alting of Lafayette who authored the bill says that’s because the legislature wants to maintain farmer’s markets as family-friendly environments.