President Obama

President Obama returned to Elkhart Wednesday seeking to bring a major part of his presidency full circle, trumpeting what he sees as the city's and the nation’s economic resurgence. 

But as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the president’s speech actually was more about looking forward than looking back



President Obama made a statement earlier today to discuss his four-point executive action plan to combat gun violence in the United States.

One of the president’s goals is to expand federal background checks and to make the process more efficient.


Following last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, many were left wondering if their city could also be subjected to such an attack.

Obama Touts Community College Plan in Indianapolis

Feb 6, 2015
Courtesy / White House

President Obama says other states should follow Ivy Tech Community College’s lead when it comes to connecting students to high paying jobs. The president traveled to Indianapolis Friday to tout his plans aimed at getting more people on the track to better wages.

During the event at Ivy Tech, Obama once again explained his plan to make two years of community college free.