Midday Matters

Midday Matters is produced for WBOI 89.1 fm. in the Northeast Indiana Public Radio studios by Julia Meek. Airing each week-day at noon, Midday Matters is hosted by Sean Bueter, Sarah Delia and Julia Meek, and features regular local experts and their guests, discussing topics of local, regional, national and global interest.

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Monday (News Review): Sean Bueter, with Bob Caylor, News-Sentinel

Tuesday (Financial Focus): Sean Bueter, with Susan Burns

Wednesday (Health 360): Sarah Delia, with Dr. Peter Rothman

Thursday (Outer Spaces): Sean Bueter with gardener Doug Hackbarth

Friday (Artcentric): Julia Meek & Sarah Delia


Midday Matters
1:39 pm
Tue October 9, 2012

Financial Focus- Tuesday October 9, 2012

On today's Financial Focus edition of Midday Matters, we're talking logistics with David Holt from Conexus Indiana.

Midday Matters
3:28 pm
Mon October 8, 2012

News Review- Monday October 8, 2012

On today's Midday Matters, we're doing our monthly political check-in with Andy Downs and Tom Hey from IPFW.

Midday Matters
1:30 pm
Thu October 4, 2012

Outer Spaces- Thursday October 4, 2012

On Outer Spaces Midday Matters we're talking all things Fall today--fall noises, smells, and plants with Jason Kissel from Acres. What's your favorite thing about fall?

Midday Matters
4:03 pm
Wed October 3, 2012

Health 360- October 3, 2012

On Health 360, we're devoting a whole hour to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Joining today's conversation is MaryClare Akers of the Women's Bureau. As well as Steve Miller and Stephanie Feldman of the YWCA.

Midday Matters
1:54 pm
Tue October 2, 2012

Financial Focus- Tuesday October 2, 2012

On today's Financial Focus edition of our program, we're talking sustainability in business with Dr. Joe Steensma from the University of Saint Francis here in Fort Wayne!

Midday Matters
1:12 pm
Mon October 1, 2012

News Review- Monday October 1, 2012

Today on Midday Matters, we're talking about re-entry programs for those returning from incarceration.

Midday Matters
1:22 pm
Fri September 28, 2012

Artcentric- Friday September 28, 2012

On today's Last Friday Midday Matters we're talking Last Saturday seasonal celebration w/ D.I.D.s Tena Woenker & WOW project co-ordinator Holly Challie--then it's Drama!Drama!Drama! w/ our dramaturgical darlings, Thom Hofrichter & Craig Humphrey. 

Midday Matters
5:27 pm
Thu September 27, 2012

Outer Space- Thursday September 27, 2012

Doug Hackbarth and Laura Stine answer your plant and gardening questions.

Midday Matters
4:02 pm
Wed September 26, 2012

Health 360- September 26, 2012

Today on Health 360 we're discussing childhood cancers with Dr. Lubna Ahmed and acupuncture therapy with Dr. Julie Chao.

Midday Matters
1:30 pm
Tue September 25, 2012

Financial Focus- Tuesday September 25, 2012

On today's Midday Matters, we're taking a bit of a detour for the first part of the program. Burmese democratic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi spoke in Fort Wayne this morning, and we want to hear your thoughts on what she said. 

Later in the program, we'll get back to our Financial Focus by learning more about AARP's new Medicare information system.